About Us

Making Roads Safer, One Vehicle at a Time… 

Lenon Jordan, Jr. Founder & CEO of GlassRite Auto Glass Repair, LLC.

Lenon and his wife, Mechelle, moved back home to Texas to be closer to family after an 11 year stay in Georgia.  He is a Business Continuity Planner for one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies; It is a company that he has been with since 1994.  Lenon holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Technology Management, as well as a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology. Mechelle is a former television news Anchor/Reporter and Director of Public Information who is also a licensed agent in Life, Health, Accident, Property and Casualty insurance.  Mechelle has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications, with a minor in Business Administration. The couple has dreamed of owning their own business and thought what better way to make that dream come true and draw on their decades of experience, than to help make driving on the road safer.  During Mechelle’s 20 year career as a journalist, she has reported many tragedies on the road.  Plus, with an ever increasing technology driven society, texting, tweeting, and blogging, traffic accidents are on the rise.  Lenon’s plan is to use innovative technology to help restore the structural integrity of your vehicle, giving you a safer start to your commute.  The two have a daughter and twin sons, with many road trips ahead of them.  As a family, their goal is to help make our roads safer, one vehicle at a time.